Artisan Exhibit Application

Qualified Artisans are invited to apply to exhibit their work at the 2015 CELEBRATION OF THE ARTS Festival on September 10 and 11, 2016




The Celebration of the Arts provides an opportunity for established and developing artists to display and sell their work in a public forum. Since its inception, the festival has had a policy of nurturing the arts in all disciplines.

To enable the participants to have a positive experience, a few guidelines have been established, and we must have your cooperation.

  • Do not extend beyond your assigned space.
  • Provide your own 25 foot heavy duty extension cord.
  • For spaces without electric service, provide yourself with a Coleman lantern for lighting at night.
  • Provide a professional display for your work. (If you need information for sources, contact the show committee.) Dining canopies are not well-suited without heavy weights for the corners. (Sidewalk spaces do not have a place for stakes.) Market umbrellas are well-suited with a heavy, weighted base.
  • Designated parking is provided for exhibitors. Other street parking is for our customers.
  • If you have a question or a problem, please leave a message in booth #5 and the committee will see you as soon as possible.
  • Please respect these regulations and our volunteers. Our volunteers work countless hours due to their dedication to the Arts.
  • All work must be the original work of the exhibitor. No kits or assembled work is allowed.

Please list on your application items you intend to sell (under "media") and describe.

This is a juried exhibition of quality work. The quality will be checked during the festival. Failure to respect these regulations may result in you not beiong re-invited to COTA.

Thank you.

Tim Helman, Artisan Director




PRICES: $100 for 10'X10' outdoor space, $145 for 10'X10' Tented space

Setup times are:

Friday: 3:00pm to 8:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am to 10:00am
Sunday: 8:00am to 9:30am

SETUP TIMES MUST BE HONORED BY ALL EXHIBITORS! Parking for unloading is extremely limited so we must request that all exhibitors be considerate and take no more than one hour to unload. Please move your vehicle immediately after unloading and then return to setup your booth. You will be assigned a space when you arrive. WE CANNOT BLOCK ROADWAY OR DOUBLE-PARK due to delivery trucks using the roadway at the same time. PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO DRIVE ON THE SIDEWALK - the space you remove may be your own. Spaces are odd shaped and the ground is uneven. Please be flexible and be prepared with display secured for all weather. NO SMOKING IN TENTS! Space sizes are 10' deep by 10' wide and the festival is held rain or shine. NO SETTING UP IS ALLOWED DURING JAZZ MASS ON SUNDAY. The festival usually ends at 10:00pm but may go overtime. Vehicles cannot enter the area until all patrons are off the site.

Security personnel are on site at all times. However, exhibitors are responsible for their own work. It is not advisable to leave valuables in sight after hours.

You are allowed one helper per exhibitor. Your name and your helper's name will be on a parking list for entry onto the festival site. We need your helper's name with your application, no later than August 20, 2010. FAILURE TO PROVIDE YOUR HELPER'S NAME MEANS THAT THEY MUST PAY REGULAR ADMISSION. All other family and friends of artists and musicians must pay regular admissions.

Art and fine craftwork at COTA should be made by the exhibitor and should be well-crafted aof quality materials. Please supply business cards for your customers. Booth sharing is possible with an extra charge of $20. Both exhibitors must be juried by COTA. No selling of T-Shirts, sweatshirts, baseball shirts or turtlenecks is permitted. No spray painting is allowed on site, only hand-painting. Any interesting or unusual aspects of your work, including special commissions, awards and black and white photos can be sent for possible inclusion in COTA publicity. Advertising space is also available in the program and on the COTA web site.

A variety of food will be available on site. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED ON FESTIVAL GROUNDS.

Please save this information for the days of the festival.

For further information contact:

Tim Helman - COTA Artisan Coordinator
(Between 10am-10pm) at 570-595-0241 or 570-688-7976 - cell




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