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Gina & Olav Sandnes - Marine Ingredients

Alex (Buzz) Bensinger
Bob and Narda Bush
Bonnie & David Childs
Michael D. Collins
Deer Head Inn - Mary Carrig, Denny & Jan Carrig, Bobby Mancuso, Jay Wilson
Sally & Bob Dorough - In memory of Allan Hecht, a lover of life and music
Terry & Pat Gaughan
George Graham
Tom Mann
Jim & Diane Pallitto and The Jazzy Cats
In Celebration of Dottie Weightman - The Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of the Mountain
Terese Gausman

The Big Band - Section Leaders
In loving memory of Don Weightman -Beth, Brendon, Emily & James Carroll
Lauren Chamberlain
Jim & Teri Dellaria -In memory of loved ones
Carol Dorshimer & Ralph Bond - In memory of Celia Siptroth Cerino
The Farda Family
The Goodwin Family - From the Home of Jazz in the Gap!
The Kendall Family
John & Marie Kleinle & Madelyn O’Connor
Bob & Karen Nickels
Grace Nolt
Phil Woods & Jill Goodwin - In memory of Celia Siptroth Cerino

The Big Band - The Players
The Baader Bunch
Frank & Pat Brown
Tom & Linda Campbell
Darcy, Rick & Emelia Chamberlain & Douglas McCoy
In honor of Bill Cohea & Fred Lindkvist
Mark Connors & Cindy Crowner
Jim, Nancy, Ben & Kate Daniels
Anita & Steve Davis
Ian, Sally & Kevin Foster - In memory of Nancy Coyle & Gilbert Foster. In honor of Helen Foster
Valerie & Jeff Higbee
Jason, Stacey, Cal, Grace & Ellie Leon
Lynn, Alia & Kevin Johnson
In memory of Joan Kaiser - Bruce, Roxanne & Madison
Betsi Olmstead & Ron Midwood
Spencer, Nancy & Olivia Reed - In memory of Arlene Savakus
Elaine Shuey & George Munn and Lily, Abner & Oscar de la Shuey
Christine Trembly
Marty, Susan & Sara Wilson
In memory of Zsa Zsa, the Jazz-loving chihuahua
Tek Talmont
John, Debbie & Kai Evans

The Chorus
Dad, we love you! - Your children (35 Years!)
Adon, Brandon, Orien & Mabel
Allisen, Rocky, Chase & Chance
Anita Bondi Designs
Jim, Carrie, Mason & Diesel
Bea’s Bags
Walter & Cathy Conway
Charles & Susan Cooper
Tammy, Jim & Casey Cornelius
Delaware Water Gap Classic Car Club
Delaware Water Gap Station Preservation Partnership
The Crank Family
Jane Davis
Patrick & Mary Dorian
Bob & Jamie Garner
Larry, Rebecca & Kenton Freshcorn
Happy Birthday, Joe! - Jim, Angie & Rose Gloria
Nancy Gould & Sandy Rader
Norma & Ron Hart
Ralph & Fran Harrison
Gerta Harriton
Lynne Harriton
Bob Hartman
Tim Helman & Mary Hayes
Ileana Hernandez
Leroy & Vivian Kaiser
Celebrating Arlene Kirkwood
In honor of Lucy Kosmerl
Liz & Al Koster
Steve & Mollie Krawitz
Gary Lambert
Barbara & David Lantz
Fay Lehr & Beau
In memory of Andy Leon
Wayne & Ruth MacWilliams
Rick Madigan & Jan Selving
muz 4 now
Bob & Winnie Napoli
Harry & Joan Powlus
Cheri Read
The Reish Family
Deb Rephser
Jim & Jody Reynolds
Kate & Richie Roche & Family
Security Brat Pack
Diana & Denny Smolak
In memory of Rick Snow
Chris & Dona Solliday
Constance, Dewey & Christian Walck
Wellspring Holistic Center
In honor of John Wilson
Rainey, Christopher & Garth Woods - In honor of Bob Doney& Celia Siptroth Cerino
Jim Wyckoff & Sue Predl


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